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Below are a few common questions. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have more specific questions or would like a quote.

  • What are the steps to process beef cattle?
    Call us for a slot reservation and confirm your date. Deliver your cattle to the Local Cuts meat processing plant on the date provided to you. Fill in your cut sheet for the custom selections for you or your customers. Your animal will be harvested and will hang in the cooler for 14 days (additional days are available for a fee). Your beef will be cut to your custom order, packaged, and placed in our freezer. When your order is in the freezer you will receive a call that your beef is ready. Pick it up within 7 days of your notification. Incremental storage days are available for a daily fee. Enjoy your beef!
  • How do I confirm a slot with Local Cuts?
    We are happy to find slots for you. Give us a call at 325-510-5064 or send an email to with the processing dates you prefer and the number you need. Each slot is booked with a $100 deposit. You may move, change, or cancel the slot dates up to two weeks prior with no charge. You can apply the deposit to your beef processing fees when you pick up your order. Deposit is non-refundable if a change or cancellation is made within two weeks of slot date.
  • Can you help me understand all the options I have for beef cuts?
    Of course, we are happy to review all the options available to you at Local Cuts. Just give us a call or stop by if you prefer to review it in person.
  • Can you put my logo on my beef packages?
    Absolutely! We are happy to make sure your brand is the star of the beef. Just let us know when you book and send a 1” x 1” JPEG or PNG of your logo to us via email and we will set it up for you at no charge.
  • Will I be able to sell my beef anywhere in the USA if I process at Local Cuts Meat Company?
    Yes, you can! All USDA inspected meat can be sold in any state in the USA.
  • I sell my beef to consumers, and they want to fill out their individual cut sheets. Can you work with that?
    Of course, we want your customers to get just what they want. We can customize a cut sheet for you or can provide you and your customers with our cut sheet.
  • How will my beef be packaged?
    We know how important packaging is and have invested in the most current equipment to package your beef for a high-quality look that will delight your customers. All cuts will be vacuum packed. Ground beef is packaged in chubs but can be vacuum packed for an additional fee.
  • I sell my beef to restaurants, and they want to make the final cuts from primals. Can you provide these?
    Yes, we can process, cut and package primals and sub primals to meet the specifications of your restaurant and food service customers?
  • Is all my beef going to be frozen?
    Our standard practice is to cut and quick freeze your beef in our freezer that maintains a temperature range between 0° and -10°. However, upon your request we can place your fresh beef in our coolers for immediate pick-up. Let us know what you need.
  • How much packaged beef should I expect?
    All beef animals are not created equal, and the dressing percentage is not consistent from one animal to another. The industry models for estimating final packaged weight vary but most generally agree your packaged weight will be about 1/3 of the live weight. A live weight of 1200 pounds should yield about 400 pounds of packaged meat. Some of the factors that influence the percentage include breed, live weight and how it was finished, grain fed or grass fed, fat cap and cut selection to name a few.
  • What happens if I need to move or cancel my beef processing date?
    If you let us know at least two weeks in advance of your beef processing reservation, we will make a change to another available date with no charge. If you need to cancel a date, your deposit is fully refundable if you do so with at least two weeks notice. Deposits are not refundable within two weeks of your reserved slot for a change or cancellation.
  • I am not great with maneuvering a trailer. If I have trouble, can you help me?
    We designed our meat processing plant with this in mind knowing that backing up a trailer is difficult even for the best drivers. Our drop off is a drive through so there is no backing up necessary. Easy, breezy.
  • I raise cattle strictly for my family and friends. Do you provide services for an individual customer like me?
    We appreciate all our customers and are happy to see you if you have a single cow or a trailer full.
  • I raise Texas Longhorns and want to process them. Do you accept longhorns and are there any special fees for longhorns?
    We love our longhorn customers and don’t believe you need to pay more for beef processing the majestic longhorn breed than any other breed. We gladly accept longhorns and there are no special fees for longhorns.
  • I don’t raise cattle, but I would like to buy a half or whole from time to time. Can you connect me with a rancher/producer who can help me?
    We work with many rancher/producers who raise a variety of cattle breeds. We are happy to share our list and you can make purchase arrangements directly.
  • I love fresh, high quality, local beef. Is there any other way I can get it without being a rancher or buying a half or a whole?
    Yes. We have a meat market at Local Cuts and do our best to keep it stocked with USDA inspected delicious, local beef. Just stop in and choose from our selection of fresh and frozen items. We also sell some of the tastiest smoked sausage you can find. If you know what you want, call ahead and we can have it ready for you when you arrive. Our beef is popular, and some cuts sell out very quickly. So let us know what you like, and we can put you on our call list when we have a new supply of fresh cuts.
  • Do you sell anything other than beef in your market?
    We have a small collection of other items from local businesses. We have lavender from Xanadu Acres Lavender Farm in Mullin, handmade leather goods from Bilbrey Handmade Goods a rancher/producer/fire fighter, cap and shirts and works from local artists. Come in and check out the goods from the very talented folks in the area.
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