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Here at the area’s new USDA-federally inspected facility, we provide safe, high-quality beef processing. We’ll happily custom tailor just about any of our services to meet your requests. Package sizes, labeling, steak thickness, value-added specialty meats, and more – everything but our quality is up for discussion. So, let’s talk about it!



A New Facility with a New Outlook on Service

When we started Local Cuts, we had a straightforward goal in mind – to make things easy for our customers. Frankly, as ranchers ourselves, we’d become tired of the poor customer service and lack of options from other processors. And we’d had enough of the mentality that we should take it or leave it.


So, we left it! We built our own processing operation, a high-quality facility from the ground up, and we hung our shingle with a customer-first commitment.


At Local Cuts, we want to have a respectful, professional, collaborative relationship with you. No “take it or leave it” attitude here. We’re happy to give you custom labeling, packaging and product options to suit your needs…or just the basics. It’s up to you!

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